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We feel very blessed to have been featured and recommended by numerous Travel & Tourism media.  The following are some highlights.  


Great desert adventures: readers’ travel tips

Navajo territory, Arizona, US.  On the last night of our four-day trip in Arizona, my brother and I stayed at Shash Dine Eco-Retreat (cabin sleeping four from £112 a night, We were able to spend the night on Navajo land in a traditional hogan (a small house made from poles and branches). We spent time taking in the reds, oranges, and purples of Antelope Canyon, exploring the bizarre landscape of toadstools, splashing around Lake Powell, and marveling at the majesty of the Grand Canyon and Horseshoe Bend...


7 Places Michelle Obama And Oprah Should Go Glamping Together. These luxury camping spots are almost classier than the White House.


Great places to go glamping. 

Glampers at the Shash Dine' EcoRetreat in Page, AZ can spend the night in a Hogan - a traditional Navajo shelter, as well as tents and covered wagons. 

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Hogan Glamping on the Navajo Nation

A bed-and-breakfast experience on the Navajo Nation.

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Page, AZ, USA

Navajo Nation

A road trip to Page, Arizona to see the spectacular sights of Antelope Canyon and Horseshoe Bend has long been on my bucket list. Unfortunately when we finally took the trip, the weather was not quite on our side, so the box remains partially unchecked for now. Since we only had a night to spend after staying a night in Vegas, we decided to stay at Shash Dine over one of the many generic Comfort Inn-type hotels available in Page. 


The Haunting Beauty of Navajo Nation

Horseshoe Bend. Visitors to Horseshoe Bend can drive one quarter (1/4) of a mile east on Navajo Route 6211 to spend the night at camping B&B Shash Dine Eco-Retreat, where you’ll sleep in white, canvas-walled tents simply outfitted with cots and sleeping bags. A traditional Navajo breakfast of blue-corn porridge, fruit, and nuts along with coffee or Navajo tea is served every morning. Plan to arrive before dark, as this is a remote location.


Shash Diné


The Meehans share a passion for sustainable living, and that's reflected in the property's seven accommodations.  As in many Navajo homes, there's no running water.  No electricity.  And no distractions from the stunning high desert views. 

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An Insider's Guide to

Grand Canyon National Park.  For a more off the grid experience, rest your head at the Shash Dine eco retreat and B&B. Hosted by a native Navajo woman named Baya, you'll sleep in a hogan – a traditional Navajo home similar to a yurt – on Navajoland surrounded by churro sheep, goats, horses, chickens, dogs, and other ranch livestock raised with Navajo traditions.


At Shash Diné Eco-Retreat in Page, give the fam a once-in-a-lifetime chance to sleep in a sheep wagon. Roomier than you might think, the retreat’s two wagons sit in the middle of Navajo Nation. By day, views stretch as far as the eye can see; by night, millions of stars glitter overhead.

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